Our Mission

Our Mission

Welcome to Writers, Artists, Readers, Photographers (WARP) Place. Its creators bring a love for the wild creative spirit, a belief that everyone has a story worth sharing, and a desire to explore new realms of community, both as an artist collective and as eco-warriors with a sustained reverence for our one and only planet. read more

We want WARP Place to be a hub of creativity, resources, and rewards for amateurs and pros alike, with any number of spokes and spokesmen. There is art in each of us, so please bring your own stories and songs, polemics and poems, your reviews and remarks, diaries and discoveries; then gather as well the gems of friends, mentors, heroes. We will give canvas, platform, and voice to those we already admire and to those who might not otherwise find them. We welcome artistic witness from anywhere on the globe, for ours is truly One World.

Together we create the future with our actions (or inactions), words, and thoughts. Through WARP Place, we intend to raise funds for authors and artists, and for ourselves as well. We pledge to donate all profits to Earth Care energies. Specifically, we’ll proactively support our sister site, Jaguar Ambassadors Gang (JAG), and their programs to involve children, teachers, parents, and interested community members in working/playing to help our Mother Earth.

We do this with joy and without negativity, as befits graceful action into what is surely a New Time. We’ve hugged some trees and battled careless logging, but here we welcome your logging in and sharing this adventure.


Please send us your feedback on any subject.

Write to feedback@warpplace.com; on the subject line, put Feedback: topic.

With your help, we will continuously improve.

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