Love Lullabies & Sensuous Songs

The Coming Together

The Coming together A Poem by ashley k carrithers A love poem about man and woman finding each other after seasons of not…..their stories of waiting and wandering and wondering, and then a quickening as time and tide bring them inexorably together. Life, this mystifying dance we […]

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Kaleidoscopic Women

Kaleidoscopic Goddesses   Somewhere between mind, heart and soul There is a rainbow of women Coursing through these times so wrought with wonderment Riding my thoughts like wild ponies in the raven dark   I gallop between visions, Smiles and sighs waltzing As remembrance finds fondness and […]

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  Some still say it is all OK, never considering the why’s And many never query status quo’s thin disguise.   Our children and theirs, innocent victims – collateral damage Inherit the wasteland of our unconscious greedy whims – our rampage.   FUCK POETRY for there is […]

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Lover’s Tsunami

Lover’s Tsunami A Poem by ashley k carrithers   a passionate poem, reflecting a true story as I ruminated through the wandering of the waves hurtling against my bare bastion – Ocean Pacific. About a lover loved.   Oceanside, amidst elemental waltz My lover conjures her fundamental self […]

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A Last Night of Love

A Last Night of Love A Poem by ashley k carrithers   I am, sort of, a viejo – getting older like all of us and was recently graced with a latin lover in Argentina half my age and twice my beauty. We enjoyed greatly our sharings, then […]

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