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Welcome to Writers, Artists, Readers, Photographers (WARP) Place. Its creators bring a love for the wild creative spirit, a belief that everyone has a story worth sharing, and a desire to explore new realms of community, both as an artist collective and as eco-warriors with a sustained reverence for our one and only planet. We want WARP Place to be a hub of creativity, resources, and rewards for amateurs and pros alike, with any number of spokes and spokesmen.   read more  


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A note from WARP Place, with apologies for not posting sooner.


WARP Place ran out of funds this past summer, and we spent much of the next six months trying to find other investors through the promotion of our other sites: Asset Sharing & Sustainability Klub ( Jaguar Ambassadors Gang (JAG at Alas, those sites also ran out funds and so are also presently on hiatus.

A Great Beginning

The sites are a far cry from dead. At WARP Place, we’re extremely grateful to all who helped create a worthy place to bring together writing and visual arts around the themes of one-world unity, shared economies, reverence for the animal and natural worlds, and earth rescue from the overwhelming pollution that has made extinct so many species and has so dangerously undermined our ability to sustain the life of our Mother Earth.


Already-submitted entries to the Writing Contest will be safely held. When we can relaunch it (and a visual arts contest), those submissions will automatically entered, though of course authors may revise their entries or submit new ones. The relaunched contest will have no entry fee for those who have already submitted.

Looking Forward

We highly value visits to our sites, Facebook Likes, contributions and suggestions. The great writing and photography currently up at will remain so, and we’ll continue to post blog and poetry entries as they come in. In the meantime, much gratitude to those who believe in WARP, ASSK, and JAG, as we do, and continue to keep the faith.

Attaining FLOW: A transforming exploration of personal philosophy, spirituality, & ecology

Buy this ebook now Attaining FLOW is for those individuals who want to actively re-awaken their curiosity about the purpose of life on Earth—who want to seriously study life-enhancement practices and break free from tired modalities.

Yearning to find the rebel in yourself and seek a new frontier? Anxious to experience more meaning in your life, more enjoyment of the Creation, and to move away from the negative energies that hold you back and into the positive ones that set you free? Attaining Flow will support and expand this desire as well as deliver a world-class reading adventure for you inside its welcoming and altogether unconventional pages.

In this book, Ashley Carrithers combines myriad disciplines into one cohesive offering. In addition to engaging the readers with colorful tales from his life, Carrithers reveals deeply personal examples of how flow works, moment by moment.

We learn of his love of Nature, his cherishing of Mother Earth, and his ultimate hope that as others become more aligned with the principles of flow, we all in turn will learn how to nourish Mother Earth and perpetuate less harm.

Rewarding, perhaps life changing, Attaining Flow is both Fun with a capital “F” and yet deadly serious in raising awareness of the changes necessary to effect urgently needed Earth rescue. Gain understanding, evolve, grow toward peace and newfound simplicity—Attaining FLOW awaits. . . .

Register at WARP Place and receive a free download of the first chapter from Ashley's book Attaining FLOW:

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What’s New and What’s Coming to WARP Place

In the next weeks we’ll be making several changes to all aspects of WARP Place as we reconsider where we’ve come and where we want to go. The new layout we’ve just begun will allow us to better serve our members and visitors.

Content: We will put up more content for new visitors to explore and fresher content that will reward members and repeat visitors. We know that visitors haven’t found some things, such as those in the Play menu, because we haven’t given them proper attention, so we’ll be bringing them to the fore.

Contest: For the moment, we are setting aside the Contests, though we will retain all entries we already have and probably publish some so that they benefit from reader feedback. We are leaving up the content under the Contest menu item and invite suggestions about adding photo and video categories to a Writers/Visual Artists contest or separating them.

Store: We’ll be making significant changes to the WARP Place Store. First, beginning with Flow, we will be moving the books, one at a time, to Amazon, with a link in the Store. Additionally, we are looking to sell writing and visual art from our members in the store, bypassing middlemen such as Etsy. More soon.

A Word From Ashley About WARP Place

Having founded a school in the ’70s on a remote mountain ranch in northern California, we sometimes refer to ourselves as old hippies who, in addition to educating, building, gardening, river-tripping, and playing lots of volleyball, became environmental activists after witnessing up close the attack on our native and beloved forests—once-mighty trees bleeding off the indifferent backs of logging trucks.

Now, many miles and years down the road, we offer the promise of WARP Place to bring in grassroots, communal, and international energy along with the funds to support hard-fighting organizations committed to Earth Care. We hope the evolving WARP Place will host conversations and stimulate action on global environmental fronts. In these oft-dark times that seem to present extreme challenges at every turn, we go forward with positive feelings. We go lightheartedly, building this place from scratch and hoping from first light that many within our growing community will truly enjoy the creation.

Thanks for getting involved.

Let’s Do This

We have lots of ideas but few answers, so we heartily welcome your different perspectives, insights, and suggestions. Your feedback will help us get better—at once more inclusive and expansive, tighter, deeper, higher, and more fun. A Share Box on every page makes it easy to link to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Google+, and other social sites. A translation box makes the site available in Spanish and other languages. So whattaya say? Let’s do this.

Featured Poet—Tia Kessler

Tia KesslerBorn in Louisville and raised in the bluegrass state, poet and short-story writer Tia Kessler has always called the Commonwealth home and sees no reason to change. Coming from a long line of poets, musicians, and coal-mining mountain men, as her father says, “She gets it proper.” Currently Ms. Kessler resides in south central Kentucky with her two children and Sebastian, the family cat, in the tiny cottage they’ve dubbed Raven Hill Haus. read more

Featured Artist – Anthony Walsh

Click here to see more of Anthony's work 


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